Using Your IRA to Invest in SecureRate™ Term Investments

Over 25% of our investors use their IRA to invest in SecureRate™ Term Investments from SIG. The ability to compound your IRA at a higher rate of return will have a dramatic effect on the ability of your IRA to grow over time.

Most private investors are unaware of the investment options available to them through the IRA. Most large, mainstream IRA custodians have a vested interest to only allow investments in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. The reason is simple – they earn a commission on those types of investments. However, most IRA owners can invest in a variety of asset classes with their IRA – including gold, real estate notes, private stock offerings, and even real estate. In order to so, you will need to open an account with an Independent IRA custodian. We have listed some of the larger Independent IRA custodians throughout the country that offer ALL of the allowable investment options, including SIG’s SecureRate™ Term Investments. Many of these IRA custodians have several billion dollars in total IRA accounts, and have been around for generations. Please consult them directly for account and fee information.

As a courtesy, SIG will assist you with the forms and procedures necessary to process your investment through an independent IRA custodian. We have worked with all of them. Please give us a call for more information.

Questions About Your IRA?

Call (714) 874-8010 to speak with an investment manager to answer questions about investing with your IRA.

Stacey Porter | Investment Manager

Independent IRA Custodians with over $3 Billion in Assets Under Management:

Equity Trust Company
Phone: 1-888-ETC-IRAS (382-4727)

IRA Services
PO Box 7080
San Carlos, CA 94070-7080

Mainstar Trust
Customer Service: 800-521-9897
214 W 9th Street
PO Box 420
Onaga, KS 66521

Pensco Trust Company
P.O. Box 173859
Denver, CO 80217-3859

Provident Trust Group
General Inquiry: 888-855-9856

Strata Trust Company
General Inquiry: tel:866-928-9394