Secured Income Group

Founded in 1996, Secured Income Group is a specialty finance company that provides a range of debt products for residential real estate clients who purchase property for investment purposes.

All of SIG’s loans are short term, normally 12 months or less. We originate loans on three types of properties; (1) value-added acquisitions (fix and flip), (2) new construction, and (3) loans for stabilized assets. All of our loans are secured by first position trust deeds & underwritten to a maximum 70% Loan-to-Value (LTV). Nearly eighty-percent of our loans are secured against detached single family homes, with the remainder divided among 1-4 unit dwellings or townhomes/condominiums. Our products are designed to service clients who appreciate attractive rates, rapid timelines, and closing certainty. Our platform allows us to work directly with both borrowers and brokers, and we also purchase loans from other industry originators that meet our criteria.

SIG utilizes proceeds from the Secure Rate Offering to fund its debt products. We offer accredited investors the opportunity in invest in our proprietary Secure Rate Term Investment, which mimics the function and liquidity of a CD, but at improved yields. All of the funds raised through the Offering are secured by our diversified pool of first trust deeds. Secure Rate investors may choose rates between 6.15% to 8.25%, and terms from 6 months to 3 years. By opening an account, our clients are able to manage their investments online. Some of the online features include adding to an investment, opening new accounts under a different vesting, and rolling over all, some, or none of an original investment at maturity. Investors may choose to invest through an LLC, Trust, Corporation, or individually.

SIG has dozens of accredited investors who have been with us for over 5, 10, and even 20 years. The Secure Rate™ Term Investment is an alternative fixed income product that offers exposure to the secured yields available in private real estate lending, without the management oversight that is typically required.