About Secured Income Group

Founded in 1996, Secured Income Group (SIG) is an alternative fixed-income asset manager that has been serving high net worth individuals and accredited institutions for over 21 years. Our Corporate Headquarters have been located in Tustin, CA for the last 16 years.

We offer accredited investors the opportunity to invest in our proprietary Secure Rate™ Term investment, which mimics the function and liquidity of a CD, but at improved yields.  It is an excellent way to increase yields on cash deposits in personal savings or IRA accounts.  Each Secure Rate™ Term Investment pays a fixed rate, with rates varying from 6.5% to 9% depending on chosen duration.  There are no additional fees or charges, and investors may choose to rollover all or any portion of their investment at maturity. The Secure Rate™ Term investment is also IRA qualified, and over 25% of our individual investors use a retirement account to invest.

As Offering Manager, SIG utilizes proceeds from the Secure Rate™ Term Investment to originate short-term loans secured by 1st trust deeds on residential real estate. We do not service the homeowner market, as our loan clients are professional real estate investors who buy homes for income, or buy to remodel and sell for a profit. All our loans are underwritten to a maximum Loan-to-Value ratio of 65% – which gives our portfolio 35% equity on every loan we originate.  For over twenty years, our delinquency rate has averaged less than one half of one percent (0.5%).  Each loan applicant must pass through rigorous underwriting criteria before final approval, and our loans are originated only on single-family residential properties.   Entry level residential properties comprise the largest asset class of any real estate type, have the largest pool of natural buyers, and offer the most aggressive take-out financing in the marketplace.

SIG has dozens of investors who have been with us for 5, 10, and over 20 years. The Secure Rate™ Term Investment is an alternative fixed income product that offers exposure to the secured yields available in private real estate lending, without the management oversight that is typically required. Please reach out to any member of our Management Team for more information, or contact our Investor Relations Manager, Stacy Porter, about qualifying for an SIG account.