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  • "I have known Max for 15 years and greatly respect his business skills. In the past few years I have invested in the fund as well as a dozen individual loans. Every payment has come in on time. The process up front in getting loans funded has been simple and easy. The lien recordings and every other process has been handled perfectly by SIG and when the loans have paid off, the accounting and outbound wires have all been spot on. The yields and cash flows from investing with SIG have enhanced both my retirement account as well as my day to day living and I greatly appreciate it!!"
    Richard Mason | CEO, Northern Star Mortgage Fund, LLC
    Richard Mason | CEO, Northern Star Mortgage Fund, LLCInvestor Since 2012
  • "I have been investing with Secured Income Group since November of 2012 and have had such a great experience with their investment options that I have continued with them for nearly 5 years now. The interest I earn from SIG is much higher than any CD or other investment options out there that I have explored. It's really nice to have the peace of mind knowing that SIG not only provides me an interest yield but also services my investments by keeping me up to date. They prepare all the paperwork for me and make the process incredibly easy. All in all, I have been extremely pleased with Secured Income Group as they take care of you and your investment as if you were family!"
    Su Chin Lin
    Su Chin LinInvestor Since 2012
  • "Investing my money with Secured Income Group was the best decision I could've made. Max and his team are extremely knowledgeable and efficient in all aspects of investing and real estate. SIG offers short term investments with a high rate of return. They are committed to helping their clients achieve their financial goals."
    Heather Debouck
    Heather Debouck
  • "We have been investing with Secured Income Group for many years now. Max and his entire team have been incredibly easy to work with and very professional. We have been very pleased with the results on the high yield investment opportunities offered by SIG. We continue to increase our investments with SIG due to the superior returns and customer service. We've been very happy with Secured Income Group and recommend them to anyone looking to invest in safe, high yield investments."
    John Xanthos
    John Xanthos
  • "We began investing with Secured Income Group the end of June, 2017. We are now retired and living on a fixed income so it's extremely important that we get the best and safest return on our investment. I had previously talked with the financial adviser at our bank who showed me different options for long-term investing but when I looked at the return rate over the past few years I was leery of the fluctuation. I also didn't want to pay the monthly fees which would have taken a good chunk out of the earnings each month. CD's were not even an option with the low interest rate. We have been very happy with SIG - feel our funds are very safe - and will in fact be making another investment with them before the end of the year."
    Vicki Bartholow
    Vicki BartholowInvestor Since 2017
  • "I have been investing with Secured Income Group for over fifteen years. With their direction and advice, based on the goals I want to achieve, my retirement account has grown significantly. This company is very cooperative, has great customer service, and handles all the paperwork in order to make a smooth and safe investment within my retirement account. Secured Income Group has done an outstanding job offering me high yield investment opportunities that always delivered the results."
    An P
    An PInvestor Since 2001
  • "We have been working with Secured income Group for the past seven years. They have help for monthly yield accounts as well as retirement income accounts. SIG's entire team is attentive to all of my questions and needs. We are pleased with every investment we have done with them. SIG's commitment to customer service shows in every detail of the process, we appreciate the professionalism. It really is one of the easiest, safe, and high yield investment companies that we have used. Most of the people we have shared our experience with have invested with them as well. GREAT SERVICE, GREAT RETURNS!"
    David Walker
    David WalkerInvestor Since 2010
  • "We have invested with Max McDermott and his staff for over 5 years. We have received payments like clockwork and the customer service has been exceptional."
    Jim Allen
    Jim Alleninvestor Since 2012
  • "I have invested with sig for many years and they haven't been late with a check yet. I personally know family members of the founder and these are the kind of people you can trust."
    Mike DeFay
    Mike DeFay

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