LDMB Earn More Than A CD 12mo-old

Always Great Rates


12 Month Term


$10,000 Minimum Investment

Our Most Popular Rates

3 Months


$5,000 Min. Investment

6 Months


$5,000 Min. Investment

12 Months


$10,000 Min. Investment

36 Months


$25,000 Min. Investment

Interest Rate Chart

SecureRate™ Term Investments.
Terms from 3 months to 36 months.

3 Months 5.75% $5,000
6 Months 6.15% $5,000
9 Months 6.60% $5,000
12 Months 7.15% $10,000
18 Months 7.65% $10,000
24 Months 8.25% $10,000
36 Months 9.00% $25,000

Manage your investments online, from any device.

Our proprietary Investment Tracker software enables investors to manage their account in real time, including:

REQUESTdividend re-investments

DIRECT rollover instructions or new investments

SEE distribution history and projected annual yield

Core Investment Features

Interest Paid Quarterly

The interest earned on your investments is paid quarterly. You can take the interest in the form of a quarterly payment or reinvest to compound your earnings.

High Rate Of Return

Secured Income Group offers some of the highest fixed annual yields in the market with rates much higher than bank CD interest rates.

All Funds Secured By Real Estate

All proceeds from our Offering are collateralized by 1st trust deeds at a maximum 65% Loan-to-Value ratio. Securing your investment in real property for peace of mind.

Short Term Investment

Secured Income Group offers investors better liquidity with short terms starting at 3 months. Or, earn higher rates with terms up to 36 months.

Cash Out Or Reinvest

You begin earning interest and receiving quarterly payments the moment your account is funded. At the end of your term, you can cash out or reinvest.

IRA Qualified

Over 40% of our investors use their IRA to invest in our SecureRate™ Term Investments; earning while minimizing tax liability. Let us assist you with the process.

See How Our Fixed Interest Rates Compare to Bank CD Rates

12 Month Investment
7.15% SecureRate™ VS. 1.10% Traditional Bank CD

Hypothetical growth of a $25,000, 12 month investment in a SecureRate™ Term Investment VS. a traditional bank CD.

How It Works

1. We Lend Private Money

Utilizing funds in our SecureRate™ Term Investments, Secured Income Group lends on credit worthy properties. All loans are 1st trust deeds, short term, and up to a maximum 65% LTV (Loan-to-Value)

2. We Collect Fees & Interest

Secured Income Group collects fees and interest on every loan.

3. We Pay Our Investors

Secured Income Group pays investors quarterly from the fees and interest earned on the loans.