Q+A with Brian Abraham & Trang Vinh

How long have you been investing as an accredited investor?

We have been investing for over 16 years and as accredited investors for over 10 years.

How have you achieved passive income in this protracted low-interest rate environment?

We have heavily invested in real estate for over 20 years, with stock market investments secondary. 

What factors do you consider most before deciding on an investment?

The factors we consider are the risk vs return.  We also evaluate the time frame in which the capital is tied up and the ease of liquidity. 

Do you own a self-directed IRA? If so, what has been your experience with your self-directed IRA custodian?

Yes we do.  It has overall been a positive experience.  We try to keep the overall costs low, so we have minimal contact with them, and in turn the service levels reflect that. 

Do you invest differently with your IRA or retirement account vs other funding sources?

 As we have grown older, the IRA funded investment profile has become more aligned with our other investment strategies. We are looking for stable returns, with a “set it and forget it” approach. 

What advice would you give to a newly minted accredited investor regarding investing?

Find an investment that is in line with your individual risk profile and eliminate the options that do not fit. Do not get stuck in “analysis paralysis” mode where you can spend more time researching options and perhaps lose taking advantage of opportunities. Get your money to work for you first, then take the time to research the many other options available. 

What have been some of the worst and best investments you have made as an accredited investor?

We have had stock market purchases that were “sure things” that we wished we had not purchased, and conversely, have passed on opportunities that we wish we would have jumped on. 

What has been a good source of investing ideas over the years? How do friends, network of other investors, wealth advisors, financial planners, CPA’s, articles, and publications factor into your decision?

Talking with other investors with similar financial backgrounds has been very helpful.  Brian scours the internet, investment blogs and curates financial articles that we then review together. With our accounting background, we truly enjoy crunching numbers and doing the research ourselves so we do not hire wealth advisors. We do our best to be aware of the pulse of the economy and to always stay informed. 

What has your experience with Secured Income Group been like?

The staff is very responsive with transparent procedures. We are pleased with the transition to the online platform and find it very user friendly. We love the ability to manage our investments (additions etc.) online. 



Brian Abraham & Trang Vinh

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