Q+A with Andrew Allen

How long have you been investing as an accredited investor?

I have been an investor with SIG for 3 years.

How have you achieved passive income in this protracted low-interest rate environment?

I do an assessment of my investments with the current market conditions on a quarterly basis. I make sure I am well diversified, not putting all of my “eggs in one basket.” I have mutual funds, stocks, real estate holdings and my investments with SIG.

What factors do you consider most before deciding on an investment?

I do my research and ultimately trust my gut. I start by asking advisors, and getting references from friends.

Many of our investors re-invest in their business or create side businesses in relation to their primary business. Have you done this with your primary business and how has this paid off?

Yes, I reinvest in my company which has paid off tremendously. I have invested in real estate, developed properties and flipped homes as well.

Do you own a self-directed IRA? If so, what has been your experience with your self-directed IRA custodian?

Yes. Overall, I have had a positive experience.

Do you invest differently with your IRA or retirement account vs other funding sources?

I make sure my investments with my IRA account are well diversified.

What advice would you give to a newly minted accredited investor regarding investing?

Do your research, ask a lot of questions, and trust your gut.

What has been a good source of investing ideas over the years? How do friends, network of other investors, wealth advisors, financial planners, CPA’s, articles, and publications factor into your decision?

I do check in with my financial planners, wealth advisors and references from friends. Ultimately, it is my decision; I do my research and rely on my comfort level.

What has your experience with Secured Income Group been like?

Investing with SIG has been a positive experience. The communication has been great and I have benefited from my correspondence with them.

Thank you Andrew for your time and candidness doing this interview!

You bet, anytime! 

Andrew Allen

CEO, ‘RJ Allen Inc.’